Vein Treatment

We specialise in varicose vein treatment in Clitheroe, Lancashire.


We offer appointments within three weeks in our private clinic.

We are a specialist centre for the non-surgical treatment of varicose and thread veins

RejuvaMed Vein Centre is the main specialist treatment centre in Lancashire for varicose and thread veins. Situated in the centre of Clitheroe, in the beautiful Ribble Valley, we offer modern, walk-in walk out, minimally invasive solutions (radiofrequency ablation and foam sclerotherapy) for troublesome varicose veins, at prices way below Lancashire’s private hospitals.

Our Vein Treatments Explained

Endovascular RF Ablation

A modern, quick, walk-in walk out method of treating varicose veins. Our vascular surgeon places a tiny catheter into the damaged deep leg veins under local anaesthesia, and radiofrequency energy seals the vein closed. There is no need for invasive surgery or hospital treatment. You can be back to work the next day.


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An innovative new treatment for varicose veins using medical adhesive. It is also performed under local anaesthesia, but is quicker and more comfortable than RF ablation. You don’t need to wear a stocking afterwards and you are back to normal activities more quickly.


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Injection Sclerotherapy

This is usually a “top up” treatment after RF ablation. Rarely it is carried out as the primary treatment for varicose veins. It is a simple procedure, where our vascular surgeon injects a foam sclerosant into the vein under ultrasound guidance, which closes off the varicose veins. It is a highly effective treatment.


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This is usually the treatment method of choice for unsightly thread veins of the legs. It is a cosmetic treatment which improves the appearance of the legs. A liquid sclerosant is injected into the thread veins by our specialist, using a tiny needle. It is a simple and more or less painless procedure. A course of treatments may be required over several weeks.


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ThermaVein is a high-tech method for removal of facial thread veins, usually in just one treatment. It can also be used for superficial leg thread veins. It is safer than other methods, such as laser therapy, and is undertaken by our specialist cosmetic consultant. A tiny needle traces the path of the vein and a tiny pulse of energy closes the vein instantly.


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