– About Our Vein Centre –

RejuvaMed Vein Centre was established by Dr Grant McKeating, owner and Medical Director of the award winning RejuvaMed Skin Clinic, which has sites in Chorley and Clitheroe. Dr McKeating has worked in Lancashire as a consultant anaesthetist for 17 years, and has worked in aesthetics for 4 years. 

The Vein Centre operates alongside the Skin Clinic in a beautiful converted Georgian cottage in the heart of Clitheroe at Holmes Mill. The Care Quality Commission registered clinic offers state of the art treatment for vein conditions, in the heart of the Ribble Valley. Patients from Lancashire no longer need to travel to Manchester, or beyond, for modern and cost-effective treatment.

Mr Rob Salaman, our consultant vascular surgeon, who lives locally to the clinic, and who has a reputation for excellence throughout the North West, undertakes treatments for varicose veins. Dr McKeating provides cosmetic treatment for smaller spider or thread veins.

We take pride in offering a superb patient experience from the moment you first contact us, through to professional aftercare. Our team is small, but dedicated to ensuring you are well looked after.


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