– Frequently Asked Questions –

We appreciate that you are likely to have many questions about our facilities and the treatments that we offer. We have answered some of the most common questions below, and will add to these over time. However if you’d like to know any more about anything that isn’t listed here, please feel free to get in touch with us at the clinic, and one of our team will answer any queries you may have.

Is there parking at the vein centre?

We don’t have our own car park, but there is free car parking on Woone Lane, at Holmes Mill and at Sainsbury’s. All within 1-2 minutes’ walk of the vein centre.

Can I have consultation and treatment on the same day?

Yes, this is possible, particularly if you are travelling some distance to see us. We would however need to confirm the diagnosis of varicose veins before you come along. This can either come from your GP by letter, by sending us a duplex scan report which has been carried out elsewhere, or by sending us photographs of your legs.

How do your prices compare with other local providers?

We can offer substantial savings.

For example when we last checked, the price for ablation for one leg (one major vein treated only) at Gisburne Park Hospital was £2651 (we charge £1695) or for more than one major vein in one leg was £3129 (we still charge only £1695!). That’s over £1500 saved by coming to RejuvaMed! For both legs, Gisburne Park charges £3994 (we charge £1995). That’s a £2000 saving!

At Fulwood Hall Hospital in Preston, the price for ablation for one leg is £2478 (we charge £1695) and for both legs, it’s £2894 (we charge £1995). Again we offer close to a thousand pounds in savings for each treatment.

Can I drive myself home after treatment?

If you’ve had ablation of your veins you should not drive home. You may drive the next day. This is because of the local anaesthetic used during the procedure. It’s fine to drive after foam sclerotherapy or microsclerotherapy.

Do I need to take time off work after ablation treatment?

No. In most circumstances, you can return to work straight away.

Can I have my veins treated during my pregnancy?

Unfortunately, whilst there is no evidence that treatment of either varicose or thread veins would be dangerous during pregnancy, there is also no evidence that treatment is completely safe for your unborn baby. We therefore would require you to wait until your bay has arrived before undertaking any treatment.

Do you have an upper age limit?

No, we can treat adult patients safely at any age.


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