– Patient Pathway –

We would encourage all our potential patients to seek information from as many sources as possible, including our website and Facebook page.

Should you have further questions prior to making a decision about treatment please contact us and speak to one of our staff who will be able to assist you further.

If necessary, Dr McKeating or Mr Salaman will be happy to call you back.


About Our Patient Pathway Treatment:

The principles for the treatment of varicose veins have been set out by NICE and should be followed by all clinics and hospitals treating varicose veins. Invasive surgery is rarely indicated.

There are then 4 practical stages to your treatment at RejuvaMed:

Stage 1 - Consultation
You will be booked in to see our consultant vascular surgeon Mr Rob Salaman, in a comfortable consulting room within the clinic.

During this 45-minute appointment, Mr Salaman will explore your medical history and carefully examine your legs.

He will also perform a colour duplex ultrasound scan to assess the exact problem with your veins. This is mandatory before any procedure can take place. It is painless.

Mr Salaman will then advise of the diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan.

Once you have decided that you wish to go ahead you will be booked in for the procedure without delay.

Stage 2 - Treatment
This will be undertaken in one of our procedure rooms in the clinic.

Your treatment will usually be either radiofrequency (RF) ablation of the varicose veins, or the VenaSeal™ procedure using medical adhesive. Both are walk in, walk out, and are performed under local anaesthesia.

On rare occasions Mr Salaman will also perform foam sclerotherapy, or phlebectomies, at this visit.

Stage 3 - Follow up
Around 6 weeks after your RF ablation.  Mr Salaman will see you back in clinic.

Often no further treatment is required.

Occasionally foam sclerotherapy will be recommended by Mr Salaman (which can usually be carried out at this visit), to treat remaining varicose veins. On rare occasions he will recommend you return for phlebectomies at a future date.

Stage 4 - Cosmetic treatment
You may be left with spider or thread veins.

As the underlying cause of these has now been treated, these can now be effectively managed using either microsclerotherapy or ThermaVein.