– Prices –

All patients considering treatment for varicose veins will have the costs clearly explained to them prior to booking, and again during consultation.

Our prices are considerably cheaper than local private hospitals, which have higher overheads and therefore charge more.

An initial consultation with Mr Salaman (with scan included) is always the first step. Our fee of £195 is very low indeed when compared to some clinics which charge over £600 for the consultation and scan.
Most patients will require only radiofrequency ablation (RFA), or VenaSeal(TM), to one or both legs. Some patients will require foam sclerotherapy at a later date to treat small remaining varicose veins.
In very rare cases Mr Salaman may suggest that you require phlebectomies (where small incisions are made under a local anaesthetic and remaining varicose veins are pulled out).
Treatment Price
Initial consultation (including colour duplex ultrasound scan) £195
VEINCLEAR RFA one leg £1795
VEINCLEAR RFA both legs £2095
VEINCLEAR RFA plus phlebectomies one leg at same procedure £2295
VEINCLEAR RFA plus phlebectomies two legs at same procedure £2595
VenaSeal™ procedure one leg £2295
VenaSeal™ procedure both legs £2595
Initial follow up consultation FREE
Foam sclerotherapy as a follow up treatment after RFA or VenaSeal™ (plus £60 stocking charge if required) £350
Foam sclerotherapy as a primary treatment (plus £60 stocking charge if required) £500
Phlebectomies as a follow up treatment after RFA or VenaSeal™ (plus £60 stocking charge if required) £650
Phlebectomies as a primary treatment one leg (plus £60 stocking charge if required) £750
Phlebectomies as a primary treatment both legs (plus £60 stocking charge if required) £895
Microsclerotherapy for thread veins of leg (plus £60 stocking charge if required) £300
ThermaVein for thread veins of face or leg £275

– Patient Pathway –

The principles for the treatment of varicose veins have been set out by NICE and should be followed by all clinics and hospitals treating varicose veins. Invasive surgery is rarely indicated.


There are then 4 practical stages to your treatment at RejuvaMed:

  1. Stage – Consultation
  2. Stage – Treatment
  3. Stage – Follow up
  4. Stage – Cosmetic treatment


Read more about our Patient Pathway


As appointments are limited, we take a non-refundable deposit for consultation and treatment appointments. For initial consultation the deposit is £50. For RFA treatment, the deposit is £250. The balance is due on or before the day of treatment, and must be paid prior to treatment being carried out. Deposits are required for both self-pay and insured patients.

For our terms and conditions and cancellation policy please click here.

We offer interest free credit for RFA treatments over 6 or 10 months.  RejuvaMed Vein centre is recognised by most major health insurance providers.