– Thread Veins –

Thread veins (telangiectasia), or spider veins as they are also known, look like very fine red or purple wavy lines on the skin, and they usually occur on the face or legs. These are actually tiny blood vessels which run very close to the surface of the skin, which is why we are able to see and notice them. For some, thread veins can be the first thing they notice about themselves when looking in a mirror, or when wearing skirts or shorts.

Leg thread veins

Thread veins on the legs can be extensive, and more challenging to treat. They are usually asymptomatic but some patients may notice itching or a burning sensation.

There are two methods that we use to treat thread veins on the legs. The first is microsclerotherapy. This involves a series of injections into the veins using a tiny needle. For very superficial pink or red veins, the ThermaVein system may be used. ThermaVein can also be used as a initial treatment on pink veins, before microsclerotherapy on larger or deeper veins.

Thread veins on the legs may be caused by problems with the valves in the deep veins. This is the reason some people also develop varicose veins. If we treat the thread veins and these valves are not working properly, the thread veins will return very quickly. In most circumstances it is therefore important that patients have a duplex ultrasound scan to assess the deep veins of the legs prior to any treatment. This is undertaken by our consultant vascular surgeon Mr Salaman.

Thread veins on the legs take longer to disappear than those on the face. Often several treatment sessions are required.

Facial thread veins

Facial thread veins are most commonly seen on the cheeks or the nose. They may be associated with skin conditions such as rosacea.

These can be easily and effectively treated using the ThermaVein system in a process known as thermocoagulation. During this treatment a very fine needle is placed on top of the vein, and microwave current applied through the needle, which seals the vein shut. It literally disappears instantly. Usually just one treatment session is required, unless the veins are very extensive. This is a very safe treatment, without the potential complications seen with laser or IPL treatments.

If rosacea is a contributing factor, it is sensible to have the condition treated. The clinic offers solutions for this problem using ZO Medical products.

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