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RejuvaMed Vein Centre’s modern treatment of problem veins, whether troublesome varicose veins, or unsightly thread veins, is quick, simple, walk in-walk out, and excellent value for money.

If you have varicose veins, you no longer need a general anaesthetic in hospital, or to undergo a painful recovery process from an open surgical procedure. Our VEINCLEAR radiofrequency ablation procedure is carried out by an expert consultant vascular surgeon, in our dedicated state of the art facilities in Clitheroe town centre. We can treat both legs at the same time if required, and our patients are invariably delighted with their experience.

An even more innovative and exciting treatment for varicose veins is now available at RejuvaMed, called VenaSeal™. In this procedure, a medical adhesive is used to seal the faulty deep veins. This procedure is faster and more comfortable than radiofrequency ablation. You are able to return to normal activities even more rapidly, and you do not need to wear a compression stocking after the procedure.

We also offer injection (or foam) sclerotherapy for varicose veins, and microsclerotherapy for thread (or spider) veins of the leg, within the vein centre.

ThermaVein is an amazing and effective treatment for facial thread veins. This will usually completely remove thread veins in just one treatment session, without the risks associated with laser or IPL therapy.


Endovascular RF Ablation

Simple thermal treatment of varicose veins under a local anaesthetic.



Innovative new treatment for varicose veins

Injection Sclerotherapy

Injection Sclerotherapy

Quick and easy injections to treat varicose veins.



Banish unsightly leg thread veins with this near painless treatment.



Safe and effective removal of facial thread veins with just one treatment.


Patient Pathway

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