– Microsclerotherapy –

Microsclerotherapy is a method used to treat thread or spider veins of the legs and lower body. It is a fairly simple technique, where one of our doctors injects a solution called a sclerosant into the veins, which causes swelling and destruction of these over several weeks.

About Our Microsclerotherapy Treatment:

Depending on the number and distribution of the veins, several treatment sessions may be required some weeks apart.

A consultation will be required before any treatment is scheduled. During this consultation our doctor will discuss treatment options. Successful treatment is dependent on there not being any underlying disease of the deep veins. Such disease will often cause varicose veins, in addition to the more superficial and smaller thread veins. If there is any suspicion of varicose veins, we would not undertake treatment without performing an ultrasound scan of the legs first to rule out deep vein problems.

The treatment itself is relatively straightforward with minimal pain. The injections are carried out using a very small needle, with the doctor using a magnified light headset to get a clear view of the veins. Immediately after the injection, small swabs or dental rolls are taped over the sites to apply pressure. At the end of the procedure, which usually lasts around 30 mins, you will be required to put on a compression stocking. This should be worn for 14 days and nights after the procedure to give optimum results.

Results are not instant and improvement in appearance will take weeks to months.

After the procedure you are able to drive home, and carry on with daily activities as normal.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Are there risks or complications with this treatment?

The treatment is generally safe and effective. There may be some burning or pain initially, and occasionally patients may notice “restless legs” for the first few nights. There may be a brownish discoloration of the skin around the veins which fades over months. This is usually made worse if you remove the stocking too early. Red marks called telangetic matting can occur. The risk of this may be reduced by treating very superficial pink thread veins with ThermaVein 6 weeks prior to microsclerotherapy.

A full discussion of benefits and risks will take place with your doctor before treatment.


Is there anyone that can’t have the treatment?

Microsclerotherapy is contraindicated if you:


  • Are pregnant or taking the contraceptive pill
  • Have a known allergy to sclerosants
  • Have a local skin infection
  • Have heart disease requiring surgery
  • Are unable to walk


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