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There are several treatment options available for thread veins (or spider veins). Some clinics use lasers or intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. Although these can be effective, often several treatment sessions are required, and complications such as burns and hyperpigmentation may occur. We don’t like to take risks, particularly with facial treatment.

ThermaVein (originally known as VeinWave) is a long established and very effective treatment for thread veins on the face. It can sometimes be used to help treat thread veins of the leg. Usually only one treatment session is required. More importantly the risks of treatment are much lower than with lasers or IPL. We have never seen a complication from ThermaVein treatment.

How ThermaVein works:

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is the procedure painful?

Most people describe the sensation as like having tiny hairs plucked from the skin. It is not usually described as being painful, with some people reporting no pain at all. The area around the nostrils can however be a little sensitive when treated.


Are the results permanent?

Treated veins are usually permanently cleared. We undertake a review appointment with free top up treatment after 1 month, to ensure that the treated area is clear of thread veins. However new veins may develop over time. We can help with suitable skin care products (ZO Skin Health) to reduce this risk.


What are the risks?

We have never seen a complication with ThermaVein. You may be left with one or two tiny red scabs which quickly heal, and the skin can be dry and crusty for a few days. There is no risk of burning or hyperpigmentation which may be caused by other treatments.


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