-VenaSeal™ –

After an ultrasound scan of your veins, Mr Salaman may offer you the option of VenaSeal™ to treat your varicose veins. This is a relatively new procedure, in which a medical adhesive called cyanoacrylate is used to seal or ablate the diseased deep veins of the leg. There are some distinct benefits to this treatment over radiofrequency (RF) ablation:

  • Faster, more comfortable, recovery with less bruising
  • Return to normal activities (even gentle sport) immediately
  • Less discomfort during a shorter procedure, as fewer injections required
  • No need to wear a compression stocking afterwards

In most clinics and hospitals this treatment is typically offered at a price of £1000 – £1500 more than RF ablation (a total of £4000 – £5000). However, we charge only an additional £500 for this innovative treatment.

Our price for VenaSeal™ is therefore only £2195 for one leg, and £2495 for two. This is less than local private hospitals charge for RF ablation. You won’t find a lower price for VenaSeal™ in the UK.

About our VenaSeal™ procedure:

During the treatment, Mr Salaman uses an ultrasound scanner to locate the problematic vein, and an injection of local anaesthetic is admini0stered to an area of skin above the vein. A small cut is then made into the skin above the vein, and a sheath (narrow plastic tube) is placed into the vein. A catheter is then inserted through this sheath and along the vein. Small amounts of the adhesive are then injected at intervals along the vein and this closes it down. For this procedure there is no requirement to inject local anaesthetic along the whole length of the vein to be treated (as occurs in RF ablation) which means that the procedure is shorter and more comfortable.

Once the procedure is complete (which may be in less than 20 mins), a small adhesive plaster is applied over the small cut, and you are immediately able to be up and about. You do not need to wear a compression stocking.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Are results as good as with RF ablation?

Yes, recent research has shown that you can expect long lasting results with VenaSeal™, and that this treatment is as effective as RF ablation.


Is there any risk from the adhesive?

No. Adhesive like this has been used for many years in other areas of medicine, and no harm has been caused.


Will my private health insurance cover me?

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that your insurer will cover this treatment, despite its benefits, as it has traditionally been significantly more expensive than RF ablation. However, our fees for VenaSeal are lower than many hospitals charge for RF ablation, so it may be useful to check with your insurer for a definitive answer.


Do I need time off work?

Most patients can return to work immediately.


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